From 1917
Velventos, Kozanis, ZIP Code: 50400
+30 2464031924

What do we produce?

Since the summer of 2013, our peaches have all had a sticker with the VELVITA trademark
Kiwi fruit & cherries
We minimise the use of plant protection products as far as possible
We work with the ΟΡΜΗ cooperative from Toichio, Kastoria
Our goal is to ensure that all our produce meets the highest quality and safety standards.
Our main competitive advantage is the quality of our produce.
Apricots & pears
Cooperation with ASEPOP TYRNAVOS
Εφαρμόζει το σύστημα του κομφούζιου (σεξουαλική σύγχυση εντόμων),
το οποίο ελαχιστοποιεί τη χρήση φυτοπροστατευτικών σκευασμάτων στα προϊόντα, κάνοντάς τα ακόμη πιο ασφαλή.

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