They are refreshing, fragrant and tasty and we have been waiting for 9 months to enjoy them again. What else do they offer us, as well as their freshness?

Peaches are a favorite and very popular summer fruit, which can be eaten equally well just as they are, in a salad or yoghurt, or in smoothies or juices as we always enjoy their special aroma and flavour.

A medium sized peach has just 59 calories and provides us with 8% of the potassium we need every day meaning it plays a role in balancing our bodies and controlling blood pressure and heart function.

At the same time, it is rich in water, being up to 90% liquid, which means that it hydrates our systems and, at the same time, is good for our skin.
A medium peach also gives us 16% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C which stimulates our immune system, keeping us free of viruses, and has antioxidant action as it fights free radicals and slows down aging and the progress of diseases.

Peaches also have a high soluble fibre content which is good for our gastrointestinal system, helps us to avoid constipation and controls blood lipid levels. They also contain a small amount of magnesium and iron, and provide us with vitamin A which is good for our eyesight.

The only negative thing about peaches is that a lot of pesticides are used when growing them and the fruits’ thin skin does not protect the flesh from any dangers connected with these chemicals. Therefore it is best to choose organic fruits to put your mind at rest.